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Since 2013, we have been helping to obtain citizenship and residence permits by investment in 20+ countries around the world. Our experience allows us to predict the final result. We save you time.

Grenada Investor Program

Grenada is an island in the Caribbean located in the West Indies.  It is northeast of Venezuela and northeast of Trinidad and Tobaga.  The country was governed by the British Empire until it gained independence in 1974.  Although it is an independent nation, the country still recognizes the English crown as its regent, similar to Australia and Canada.  It has its own currency, which is regulated to be 2.7 times the amount of the American dollar. 


In 2013, the Grenada government enacted the “Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act” which allows foreigners to obtain permanent residency and citizenship of Grenada by making an investment into a government approved project.  The investment amount is between $200,000 to $350,000, with the lower amount being based on an approved project and the higher amount based on an investment in real estate only.  You do not have to make the full investment until after you have been approved for citizenship, but must make a deposit before applying for the request.


In order to apply for citizenship, you must be 18 years old, show you have the means to make the investment and be in good health.  You must also show that the funds came from legal sources and that you have not committed a crime or are subject to a criminal investigation. 


Once you have made your initial deposit, you can begin applying for your Grenada citizenship.  You and your family, which includes your spouse, any dependent children under 25 and possibly your parents, will need to prepare official forms, attend a medical examination and provide various supporting documents, all of which must have an English translation (such as marriage and birth certificates), to the appropriate government officials.  Once the government officials have approved the request, you then must make the final payment and once completed, can then apply for your Grenada passport.  Please note that there are no interviews during this process.


You must maintain your investment into an approved project for five years to keep your Grenada citizenship.  Once the five years are over, you can sell your shares in the project to another person, who may be interested in going through the same process as you.  You can also maintain and keep your Grenada passport without ever having lived in Grenada.


There are many benefits to obtaining Grenada citizenship, one of which is it allows you to seek the investor visa to the US.  Other benefits include that you do not have to have to pay foreign income, wealth, gift, inheritance or capital gains taxes.  You can also travel to over 115 countries without the need of a visa.  Some of these countries include the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. 


There are several projects that you can choose from to obtain your Grenada citizenship.  We have relationships with some of these projects and would be happy to share information on them to you. 

Conditions and requirements for obtaining Grenada citizenship

the United States Investor Visa

There are a variety of visas that allow foreign nationals to legally enter and live in the United States.  The investor visa, also known as the E2 visa, is one of those visas.

The investor visa allows citizens of certain countries to obtain a temporary, typically five year, visa to live in the US to develop and direct their own business.  The business must be a real and active business, meaning you cannot buy stock or a piece of land and wait for several years before you sell it.  The business should show money coming in and out on a continuous and regular basis.

There is no minimum investment amount set by the regulations.  However, we would recommend at least a $150,000 investment to show an immigration officer that you are committed to the business.  You also do not have to have direct employees to apply for the investor visa, although you should show how your business will create jobs for American workers.

In order to apply for an investor visa, you must own and control at least 50% of a US business.  You must prove that you will direct and develop the business, meaning you make key decisions on how the company will operate.  You may hire a manager or work with a business partner who will run the day to day operations of the business, if you so desire.  The business must also be receiving an income and show that it has the ability to generate income that will not only cover you and your family’s expenses, but allow the company to continue to grow and operate in the near future. 

You may start your own business or purchase an existing business for the investor visa.  You may also work with many franchises to obtain your investor visa.  We can work with you to identify franchises that have been approved for investor visa purposes, as well as help you find an existing business, both of which help speed the process to seek the investor visa.

We have found that it can take between three months to a year to identify the business and obtain your investor visa.  This process could take longer, if you decide to start you own business from scratch, as you must show that the business is operational before seeking the investor visa.

The investor visa will be provided to you, your spouse and any child under 21.  You will be allowed to work in your business; while, your spouse can seek work authorization to work anywhere in the US.  If your spouse seeks the work authorization card, both of you will be able to obtain a social security number.  You, your children and your spouse will also be able to go to any public or private school in the US that accepts you.   

The investor visa is typically given for five years.  Each time you enter the US on your investor visa, you will be legally authorized to remain in the US for the next two years.  You typically can legally enter and exit the US as many times as you want under the investor visa.  The investor visa can be renewed indefinitely, provided that your business remains active.  You may also seek permanent residency in the US while in possession of an investor visa.  

Should you have any questions about the investor visa, we would kindly ask that you direct any and all further questions to Florida licensed immigration attorney Charles Christopher Tyrrell, at  Additional information about Mr. Tyrrell and his firm can be found at

Should you have any questions about finding the right business, be it an existing business or franchise, please direct any questions to David Arzumanian at  Additional information about Mr. Arzumanian’s business and franchise brokerage business can be found at the Arzumanian Agency.


Free education in US public schools and more affordable, in-state tuition costs at US universities


Spouses have the ability to work anywhere in the United States


The Grenada E-2 visa can be renewed indefinitely, as long as the E-2 business maintains operations.


E-2 visa holders can spend up to 120 days in the US without being subject to worldwide income taxation.

Why Choose Us

We are an independent third-party company that assists foreigners in obtaining Grenada citizenship, so that they can eventually seek an investor visa to the US.  We have worked with foreign nationals in the past in a variety of ways, from helping them find the right partners to invest with, to finding the right professionals to work with to obtain their business and personal goals. 


Over the years, we have developed relationships with several attorneys and organizations to help ease this process.  Through this time, we have realized that the investor visa is one of the best options for foreigners seeking to enter the US.  As not every foreign national is able to seek the investor visa, we looked for other opportunities for these investors, and that is where Grenada comes in.


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