The Grenada USA Team

David Arzumanian

David has fifteen years of experience working with foreign investors, helping them grow their businesses and / or legally relocate to the United States. David successfully represented major American employers on the international labor markets, which facilitated the legal employment of about 1,000 thousand people for seasonal work. His program served the ski resorts of Aspen and Vail in Colorado, summer resorts in Miami and Orlando, franchises; Marriott, Renaissance, Super 8, Crowne Plaza, Sheraton, Vail resort, Howard Johnson, McDonalds, and construction and landscaping companies in Colorado and Texas. Since 2006 David started working with immigration, corporate and tax attorneys. Over the years, he has become an expert in supporting immigration investors, with many of whom he has maintained excellent relations. With each new client, you have to learn something new, open new doors, and this is interesting. Networking is the key word in working with David. Our contacts will allow us to solve any assigned tasks. Over the years, we have helped investors both develop new and acquire existing businesses. He has experience in such unique projects as the processing of new developments in the US Department of Health. Lobbying, patenting and licensing of new engineering devices, and, of course, versatile participation in commercial real estate projects. Among David's clients there are holders of various investment visas, permanent residence / Green Card, and most importantly, US and Grenada passports. David is a Florida and Georgia Realtor and Certified by the Franchise Brokers Association, which allows him to find real estate, business opportunities and franchises across the country.

Charles Christopher Tyrrell

Mr. Tyrrell is a partner and founder of the firm. He was born and raised in Louisville, KY. Mr. Tyrrell graduated with an engineering and math degree from Vanderbilt University, and then spent about a year in New York City working with a major law firm on an antitrust case. He then attended the University of Miami in Florida, where he obtained his law degree. After graduating from law school, Mr. Tyrrell spent eight years representing various companies, including cruise lines and insurance companies, in civil court. In 2009, he began practicing immigration law, using his litigation skills in an immigration context. He has helped artists, gymnasts, musicians, and various entrepreneurs obtain visas and green cards based on their investments or their expertise in their particular field. Mr. Tyrrell has represented clients in immigration court, during naturalization and green card interviews, and prepared numerous clients for their consular interviews. Mr. Tyrrell is passionate about immigration law for several reasons. His paternal grandfather, a former British diplomat in China, immigrated to the United States in the 1950s. As such, Mr. Tyrrell is a second-generation immigrant. Mr. Tyrrell’s grandfather taught him a valuable lesson in life. Although his grandfather was a British diplomat and a graduate of one of the most prestigious universities in the world, when he immigrated to the US, Mr. Tyrrell’s grandfather started over again, taking an entry-level position at a department store. It was him willingness to work hard that allowed him to eventually become an executive for the company. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Mr. Tyrrell, please contact him at or call us or send a WhatsApp message to (754) 610 – 7266.

Anna Noskova

Anna is a professional with many years of experience in finance and accounting. For 10 years, Anna has performed supervising accounting and financial functions in private, government and non-profit organizations. Private sector work included accounting services for startups of Ameritrade's founder, Hugo Enterprises. While at Hugo, Anna was introduced to a wide range of industries including hospitality, online news and digital advertising, film production, and education. Responsibilities included bank reconciliation, A / P, A / R, payroll, tax reporting, budgeting, financial reporting, monitoring accounting transactions, and other financial functions. Anna provided outsourcing services to CliftonLarsenAllen LLP, including customer invoicing, invoicing, supplier management, payroll processing. She believes that transparency and communication are essential ingredients for the successful development of an enterprise. Preparing financial statements, assessing the risk and growth potential of the business unit, analyzing trouble areas to identify opportunities for improvement, and complying with GAAP, local and industry regulations are key factors in developing a successful business. Anna received her BS in Finance from Metropolitan State University of Denver “MSUD” in 2008. Before moving to Colorado, Anna studied business management at PSLU in Russia. It is sometimes difficult for foreign investors to adapt to the American financial and tax systems. Anna has experience working with Russian speaking clients and immigration lawyers. She can accompany your company if necessary.

Igor Genov

Igor has over 20 years of experience in various positions in accounting and finance. Graduate from University of Colorado with a Masters degree in Finance and Bachelors degree in international business, Igor has started his career working as a financial advisor to Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. After several years of work, he moved to the investment firm Republic Financial, where he advised on such processes as the implementation of mergers and acquisitions, to determine the best option for business restructuring, liquidation of individual companies and the sale of its parts. Over the years, Igor has acquired extensive knowledge of various accounting software systems and operating principles across a wide range of industries, including retail wholesalers, product manufacturers, heavy industry, service providers, the agricultural sector, and high-tech companies. Over the past 15 years, Igor has been performing consulting work as an auditor. Together with our lawyers, Igor provides our clients with financial services, due diligence, field research, accounting, audit and technology expertise. Igor has reached the level of an international auditor by conducting audits in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Igor's track record includes audit projects on behalf of national banks and investment companies, including Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Wells Fargo, Fifth Third Bank and others. Audits were conducted on Fortune 500 companies including Dell Financial, CIT Aircraft Leasing, Pilgrims Price, JBS Swift, Anadarko Petroleum, Land O'Lakes and many more. In a large number of projects, Igor represented the interests of the aforementioned structures, responsible for the reliability of investments, for the search for potential investment deals, paying special attention to problem debts, problem companies and the possibilities of their recovery. If necessary, Igor will be able to audit a new project and / or an existing company for you and, together with our lawyers, will provide a detailed report, indicating the risks, prospects, as well as the suitability of this project for immigration benefits in the United States.